The One About Time Travel

six shots of espresso and a pint of whiskey.
a cloudy grey sky and a hole in the sole of my shoe.
rotting teeth and a shiny new iphone.
nice to meet you. nice to see you.
how have you been?

it’s been past my bedtime for three weeks.
i’ve missed every meal.
i miss one thing in particular.
friday morning, friday night,
saturday, sunday.

how are you? where are you going? can i come?
write a grocery list and spend all of your money on beer and cigarettes.
pet the cat. wake up without falling asleep.

look at the food behind the sneeze-guard glass.
smile at the barista. buy coffee.
the weight of an old notebook and a pint of whisky on your back.

a pint of whisky and six shots of espresso.
grey sky and the hole in your shoe.
rotting teeth and your shiny phone.

how have you been?