The One With M.C. Escher

there is a macabre fascination in seeing a dead bird
lying on the pavement.
the same fascination felt when seeing a dead fish
floating on the surface of a body of water.

these creatures live nearly all of their meaningful lives
above and below us, while we exist in the dividing line.

our imaginations are entrapped by both forms of creature
because we can never experience
the things they must consider commonplace.

a famous M.C. Escher drawing –
in which bird and fish tesselate against
and in between one another. –
perhaps is meant to illustrate this spherical plane
in which we live our lives.

we live in the realm where they come to rest.
they stress effortlessly against forces that we can never hope to fight,
and when they die they fall upwardly or downwardly
to the inbetween place that we call home.